About us

We are an indie game team, bringing you affordable & fun video games.

Sonja Hranjec – Studio Lead Developer

Born in Zagreb in 1989, Sonja is a musician who plays, sings, and writes music for her punk band, Abergaz. She has contributed to around thirty music releases and has performed more than 400 times in the region and across Europe. In addition to her involvement in music, she is engaged in the development, coding and creation of video games and websites. With over fifteen years of volunteering experience in music and humanitarian associations, Sonja authored the novel “Dva tjedna prije Trećeg svjetskog rata” (Two Weeks Before the Third World War), published by the Jesenski i Turk publishing house in 2021. As of July 19, 2023, she owns a computer programming business, officially named “ACE, vl. Sonja Hranjec.”

Ivana Vidović – Project Manager

Born in Split on September 25, 1976, Ivana attended the II. Jezična gimnazija (Language Gymnasium) before moving to Zadar, where she completed her studies in sociology and philosophy at the University of Zadar. She began her career at Plovput, handling all administrative tasks in the office for 20 years. Alongside her work, she completed an online master’s degree in Marketing and Sales at the Doba Faculty in Maribor and received training in writing and managing EU-funded projects at Algebra. Currently, she also works as the editor of the eZadar portal. Ivana is also involved in digital art, 2D graphics, and is learning data analysis, HTML/CSS/SQL/R programming on Coursera.