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Super Vili – Our Superhero

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Super Vili is a health minister fighting a deadly virus. He is very fast and determined to win and save the country from a vicious pandemic.

In video games Super Vili, on Steam and on platforms, he shoots protective masks at the virus and jumps on top of it to squish it. He, however, must not touch the virus or be touched by it, because then, he will lose his only life. If you want to walk in his shoes you have to be very careful, patient and cunning.

We put this game on Google Pay Store too, so you can play it on your phones. It is free.

Flappy Vili is a game for Android so it is also available on Google Play Store. It is, of course inspired by Flappy Bird. This is a game where our superhero flies through the city between piles of archives and newspaper articles on the pandemic.

Whack-A-Vili, another little game inspired by another popular mobile phone game – Whack-A- Mole is a game where the infamous deadly virus strikes back at our hero. You get to be in the role of the virus and whack our minister of health but eventually you will lose.

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