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Super Vili – 2D Platformer Game

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Super Vili is a game created by us, Sonja and Ivana during the pandemic.

We imagined how we would fight a deadly virus if were the minister of health.

If you would like to try it out you will have to finish 21 levels in this 2D action platformer, collect stuff that fell from the truck, shoot masks on virus mutations or squish them all!

These are the controls:
MOVE – ARROWS or A and D keys
JUMP – SPACEBAR (KEY) or L1, L2, Y or B button
FIRE – LCTRL (KEY) or R1, R2, X or A button
PAUSE GAME – ESC or P (KEY) or START button

Here are some hints:
– masks are not 100% efficient
– use JUMP action on Game Over screen to fast RETRY

Find the game on Steam platform for 0,79 euros, or on platform for 1 dollar.

The game is also available for Android system and it is free on Google Play Store.

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